24 September 2023

Chill Day

29 June 2023 - Crystal Springs; Day 4

Today was a pamper day at the Spa, but before our treatment I had a quick morning walk around our chalets and the rock formation. First up was a Familiar Chat all puffed up in the morning chill

Familiar Chat (Oenanthe familiaris)

I could not believe my eyes when I found another Four-toed Elephant Shrew in a different area of the rocks - what a pleasure!

Four-toed Elephant Shrew (Petrodromus tetradactylus)

My wife and I then chilled for the rest of the day and in the late afternoon, I planned to get into a good position in case the Side-striped Jackal made another appearance. I was distracted by a Lazy Cisticola

Lazy Cisticola (Cisticola aberrans)

and then with some Red-winged Starling's pretending to be Oxpecker's on the resident Kudu's

Greater Kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) and Red-winged Starling (Onychognathus morio)

At the time I expected the Jackal to make an appearance as it did the previous two afternoons, a troop of Baboon's came strolling through which was really irritating. I resigned myself to taking a couple of backlit images as the sun slowly dropped and then disappeared and with no sign of the Jackal

Chacma Baboon (Papio ursinus)

Tonight was our last night and tomorrow we would head back home to Midrand after a really relaxing and enjoyable few days in the mountains.

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