08 June 2022

Up in the mist

28 May 2022 - Northcliff Ridge Eco Park

Whilst my wife had a girls morning out, I had a 'me' morning. It had been sometime since I last visited Northcliff Ridge, so that was my first stop. Unfortunately, I wasn't the only one with the same idea. When I arrived after 7am, there was a camera club group spread out across the ridge to photograph the sunrise. Their efforts were thwarted by the mist below and being swept up over the ridge. 

Northcliff Ridge Water Tower

So many people meant little to no birds present, so I had to wait for the group to depart. Whilst waiting, I had eye level view of a Pied Crow as it came past on the updraft.

Pied Crow (Corvus albus)

Finally they did all leave and only a few walkers/joggers remained. But as the mist lifted, so the birds returned and first up was a Striped Pipit literally below the rock I was standing on

Striped Pipit (Anthus lineiventris)

Next up was the male Cape Rock Thrush

Male Cape Rock Thrush (Monticola rupestris)

Joined shortly thereafter by the female. In this situation, I enjoyed the effect of shooting the image through some foliage in the foreground

Female Cape Rock Thrush (Monticola rupestris)

The grass had been cut on the ridge and there weren't many flowering Wild Dagga (Leonotis) around, so hopes of finding the Sunbird seemed diminished. I was following up on a Striped Pipit when I heard a Sunbird calling from the top of a Protea Bush, lo and behold the Greater Double-collared in full summer plumage. Sadly he didnt stay long, but 3 of the big 4 for this location was a good result, given the start

Male Greater Double-collared Sunbird (Cinnyris afer)

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