27 May 2022

Local Pentad Bash

19 May 2022 - Northern Farm

Andre Marx and I conducted an early morning Pentad bash at Northern Farms. Our last visit had been in the Spring, so a late Autumn visit was on the cards, excuse the pun.

We met at the gate at 6:30 just before sunrise, ticking off White-browed Sparrow Weavers.

Our first stop was at the old quarry, where we found Orange-breasted Waxbill's, a really good bird for this Pentad. Natal Francolin was heard calling not too far away, also a good bird for the area. The Wild Dagga was flowering which attracted the two resident Sunbird's - here the Amethyst

Amethyst Sunbird (Chalcomitra amethystina)

We saw 3 different Marsh Owl's hunting around the farm as the sun slowly rose. This one landed close by, but against the light

Marsh Owl (Asio capensis)

At one of the lakes, I spent time with a Little Rush Warbler that was calling from the reeds, with patience and some phishing, I was able to coax it out into the open, but very briefly

Little Rush Warbler (Bradypterus baboecala)

Another really good bird for the area was this Greater Kestrel, a bird I haven't seen for quite some time. Unfortunately, also against the light

Greater Kestrel (Falco rupicoloides)

On the way back from the Kestrel, an obliging Levaillant's Cisticola

Levaillant's Cisticola (Cisticola tinniens)

Before having to call it a morning and head back to work. 72 species in 2-hours was pretty respectable for an autumn morning in Gauteng. 

A landscape of the mist slowly rising with Poplar Tree's in the distance

Poplars in the mist

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