01 June 2023

A gluttonous feast

12 April 2023 - Beaulieu Bird Sanctuary

I had an hour at the Sanctuary before work and after dropping our dogs at 'school'.

I spent most of the time around the car park, as one of the shrubs on the perimeter was heaving with birds feeding on it's berries - it was almost gluttonous behavior. But as the old adage goes 'make hay while the sun shines'.

This time of the morning provided awesome golden, but bright light. The predominant species was the Dark-capped Bulbul

Dark-capped Bulbul (Pycnonotus tricolor)

But a lone Black-collared Barbet also joined in on the action

Black-collared Barbet (Lybius torquatus)

As well as Cape White-eye's and Karoo Thrush

Juvenile Karoo Thrush (Turdus smithii)

Red-faced Mousebird's were mostly just thawing out in the sun

Red-faced Mousebird (Urocolius indicus)

Watching the action from a distance were a pair of Brown-hooded Kingfisher's

Brown-hooded Kingfisher (Halcyon albiventris)

Whilst a few Crowned Lapwing's were warming up in the sun on the manicured lawn

Crowned Lapwing (Vanellus coronatus)

Inside the Sanctuary, there was a family of Blacksmith Lapwings

Blacksmith Lapwing (Vanellus armatus)

And I managed to find a lone Red-throated Wryneck before I had to get back to the home office

Red-throated Wryneck (Jynx ruficollis)

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