22 February 2023

Looking for Woody

02 January 2023 - Plettenberg Bay; Day 11

Now that I had managed to photograph the tricky Knysna Warbler, my next mission was to photograph the other two remaining Knysna species (Turaco and Woodpecker), but all 3 in Plettenberg Bay.

I had been told about a running/cycling path near Robberg that was a dead cert for the Woodpecker, so had a quick early morning walk. Of course 'dead cert's' need to be taken with a pinch of salt as it was today - no sign of a Woodpecker anywhere..

I did see Cape Bulbul

Cape Bulbul (Pycnonotus capensis)

and a family of Cape Sugarbird's

Cape Sugarbird (Promerops cafer)

Before heading back to the apartment to pick up the family and then on to Robberg to do the picturesque hike to the Island. I can really recommend this hike and if you have the time, try and do the longer hike to the point. After the hike, we had an enjoyable lunch at the popular Surf Cafe

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