22 November 2022

Surprise visitors in Beaulieu

02 November 2022 - Sandalwood, Beaulieu

We were notified of a single White-faced Owl on our local WhatsApp Group in a private garden in Beaulieu. This is an awesome record for both Midrand and the Pentad.

As it was not far from my house, I arranged with with Wayne to stop by and photograph these gorgeous Owls during the day. On arrival, I parked in the driveway and met Wayne who showed me where the Owl was perched in a Syringa Tree, almost above where I had parked my car. I was surprised that there was only one bird, as they are normally at least seen in pairs.

I had too much lens, so had to move a little further away for full frame images.

Southern White-faced Owl (Ptilopsis granti)

Whilst watching this bird, I noticed a second Owl obscured by a big bunch of leaves behind the first Owl and this looked like a juvenile bird and showing off its ear tufts.

Whilst I was photographing this bird, Wayne picked up a third bird in an adjacent tree - so we had a family of White-faced Owls which was just fantastic

After saturated views, I thanked Wayne for his hospitality and headed back home.

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