09 May 2022

Meet the Hisser's

26 April 2022 - GECKO Conservancy

The team had a quick morning out to check one of the sites in the Conservancy where we had seen adult Owls earlier in the year. The young adult females at this site were from a clutch ringed not far from this location, last year - so this is really exciting and again emphasises the need to protect their unique habitat with collaboration from the associated property owners.

We found two active nests, each with a brood of hissing youngsters. We had been worried that all the rain in the preceding weeks may have impacted the nest sites, but fortunately, this was not the case.

They are not yet old enough to fly, but are all looking very healthy and within the next 3-4 weeks will be flying independently

Young African Grass Owl (Tyto capensis)

A small Wasp in attendance close to the nest site

Wasp sp.

The team will visit again in the coming weeks to check on progress

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