23 April 2022

Kyalami Estates - March Round-up

31 March 2022 - Kyalami Estates, Midrand

March was rather a busy month and not much time for photography. Autumn is certainly in the air, as morning and evening temperatures start dropping and some breeding species start transitioning out of their summer plumages.

I did record 54 species and again there were some highlights; I'm amazed that the Freckled Nightjar's are still seen/heard early evening and morning's. It seems that they may have taken up residency in our Estate. Other uncommon species included; Greater Honeyguide, Paradise Flycatcher, Grey-headed Gull and a Yellow-billed Kite that passed over.

I recorded Striated Heron with a immature bird, suggesting that they may have bred in the Estate. In terms of intra-African migrants White-throated and Greater Striped Swallows were still present.

Migrants included Willow Warbler, European Bee-eater, Barn Swallow and a big flock of White Storks thermaling above my garden on their way north. This was best garden tick of the month.

As I said, not many images other than the adult and immature Striated/Green-backed Heron - but always a good bird to see

Adult Green-backed Heron (Butorides striata)

Immature Green-backed Heron (Butorides striata)

and the awesome flock of White Storks

White Stork (Ciconia ciconia)

Heading north, see you all in Spring

Two species of Damselflies are still present; Common Threadtail

Common Threadtail (Elattoneura glauca)

and Slate Sprite, but as it gets colder, so they will disappear. 

Female Slate Sprite (Pseudagrion salisburyense)

Male Slate Sprite (Pseudagrion salisburyense

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