14 August 2021

Kyalami Estates - June Round-up

30 June 2021 - Kyalami Estates

We are now in mid-winter, so understandably the bird numbers reduce. However, even though I only recorded 58 species there were some notable species recorded, but not all photographed. Highlights included; Grey Hornbill, Purple Heron, African Darter, Cut-throat Finch, African Green Pigeon, African Harrier-hawk, Cardinal Woodpecker, Arrow-marked Babbler, Lesser Honeyguide, Helmeted Guineafowl, Swainson's Francolin, Yellow-fronted Canary and Common Waxbill.

As seen in my previous post, both Red-headed and Cut-throat Finch were seen in my garden and at the main park. In fact, I observed the Cut-throat Finch mating and also feathering an old Masked Weaver nest, as did the Red-headed Finches last month.

Male Cut-throat Finch (Amadina fasciata)

Male and Female Cut-throat Finch (Amadina fasciata) after mating
Female Cut-throat Finch (Amadina fasciata)

A selection of Red-headed Finches

Male Red-headed Finch (Amadina erythrocephala)

Keeping guard at the Weaver nest

Female Red-headed Finch (Amadina erythrocephala)

After hearing their sporadic calls for the past 2-years, I finally found the African Green Pigeon roost and had up to 20 birds on some mornings, these found inland are the orientalis sub-species

African Green Pigeon (Treron calvus)

Size difference against African Olive Pigeon

On morning my wife alerted me to a large grey bird on the roof of our neighours house, it turned out to be not one, but two African Harrier-Hawk's scoping the birds at my feeders. Luckily my camera was handy and I managed to get a few images.

African Harrier-Hawk (Polyboroides typus)

I had a bumper month with African Black Duck, with a max of 6 birds on one of my morning walks

A pair of African Black Duck (Anas sparsa)

Another good bird was an obliging Purple Heron in the early morning winter sun at the main park dam

Purple Heron (Ardea purpurea)

The Wattled Lapwing are still present in the park

African Wattled Lapwing (Vanellus senegallus)

As are Fiscal Flycatcher's

Female Fiscal Flycatcher (Melaenornis silens)

Male Fiscal Flycatcher (Melaenornis silens)

and Southern Fiscal

Southern Fiscal (Lanius collaris) on a cold morning

and at the dam, Thick-billed Weaver

Male Thick-billed Weaver (Amblyospiza albifrons)

Southern Red Bishop

Winter plumage Southern Red Bishop (Euplectes orix)

Some colour coming through

and Southern Masked Weaver are regulars

Southern Masked Weaver (Ploceus velatus)

With Reed Cormorant sometimes dropping in

Reed Cormorant (Microcarbo africanus)

Occasionally we have Sacred Ibis passing by overhead

African Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus)

In and around my house, Cape Robin Chat

Cape Robin-Chat (Cossypha caffra)

Karoo Thrush

Karoo Thrush (Turdus smithii)

Both resident Sunbirds; Amethyst

Male Amethyst Sunbird (Chalcomitra amethystina)

Female Amethyst Sunbird (Chalcomitra amethystina)

and White-bellied

Male White-bellied Sunbird (Cinnyris talatala)

Green Wood-hoopoe's noisily announce their presence before you see them

Green Wood-hoopoe (Phoeniculus purpureus)

I get both Cape Sparrow

Male Cape Sparrow (Passer melanurus)

Female Cape Sparrow (Passer melanurus)

and Southern Grey-headed in the garden

Southern Grey-headed Sparrow (Passer diffusus)

Along with the Grey Go-away-birds

Grey Go-away-bird (Corythaixoides concolor)

Red-eyed Dove

Red-eyed Dove (Streptopelia semitorquata)

and Rose-ringed Parakeet's

Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri) against a blue winter sky

I see small flocks of Speckled and Red-faced Mousebird's regularly, but photographing the latter is not so easy - although I managed some this month.

Red-faced Mousebird (Urocolius indicus)

To end off, another early morning skyline of Sandton City with Jozi CBD in the background. While we braze ourselves for another cold month in July

Sandton and Jozi Skyline

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