05 June 2021

A stroll around the golf course

16 February 2021 - Kruger Park Lodge; Day 6

It was our last full day, so we opted for a chill day at Kruger Park Lodge, as we had to start packing in the afternoon, for the early start back to Jozi in the morning.

We slept in a little and then had a leisurely walk around the grounds after a hearty breakfast. Of course the weather was a little improved over yesterday, but was still enjoyable to be out. Just outside the chalet, I had a brief sighting of a single Black-bellied Starling, the first I had seen all week

Black-bellied Starling (Notopholia corruscus)

Followed by a Purple-crested Turaco

Purple-crested Turaco (Tauraco porphyreolophus)

I went back to a spot near the Clubhouse that had been quite productive and it was a good choice. Bronze Mannikin's in the reeds ((unfortunately, the Red-backed eluded me)

Bronze Mannikin (Lonchura cucullata)

Along with a few young Thick-billed Weaver's

Thick-billed Weaver (Amblyospiza albifrons)

The Holub's Golden Weaver was still present

Holub's Golden Weaver (Ploceus xanthops)

In one of the gardens, I found male and female Spectacled Weaver with their fine and distinctive features

Male Spectacled Weaver (Ploceus ocularis)

Female Spectacled Weaver (Ploceus ocularis)

A White-faced Whistling Duck came whistling by

White-faced Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna viduata)

I had seen Woodland Kingfishers around the fairways, but today one perched long enough to be 'papped'

Woodland Kingfisher (Halcyon senegalensis)

The gardens around the Lodge were well manicured, but always a pleasure to see so many Strelitzia's in full bloom. Strelitizia is a genus of five species of perennial plants which are native to South Africa. They are also known as the Bird of Paradise Flower. 


On the way back to the Chalet, I lay flat on the fairway for these African Pied Wagtails - adult and juvenile

African Pied Wagtail (Motacilla aguimp)

And in one of the dams, I found a hunting African Darter and I knew it would eventually catch or spear a fish. Unfortunately, when it did, it was on the far side of the dam

Hunting African Darter (Anhinga rufa)

Closer to the Chalet, a Hamerkop came by low through the trees

Hamerkop (Scopus umbretta)

As usual I checked for butterflies, finding a few African Common White's

African Common White (Belenois c. severina)

The small and distinctive female Macken's Dart

Macken's Dart (Acleros m. mackenii)

Clover Blue's were quite plentiful around the Chalet gardens

Clover Blue (Zizina o. antanossa)

I found another Eastern Blacktail

Eastern Blacktail (Nesciothemis farinosa)

and a few Damselflies, identified with the help of Lappies Labuschagne

Female Acacia Sprite (Pseudagrion acaciae)

Common Threadtail (Elattoneura glauca)

Along with this impressive and colourful Wasp, not sure of the species though

Wasp sp.

All to soon the week in the Park was over, but despite inclement weather, lots of water and many roads closed in the Park, we still had a fantastic time and again some unforgettable sightings. The Kruger certainly never disappoints

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