08 April 2021

Where Eagles reign

14 January 2021 - Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden

After booking and paying for his driver's license test in Krugersdorp, my son and I made a detour to Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden for some lunch. 

This is a great and well manicured site and boasts an impressive bird list and is well known for the breeding pair of Verreaux's Eagles, as well as it's waterfall. 

The Waterfall

We were there too late in the morning to see many birds, but we did have a few Garden Inspector butterflies around the restaurant.

Female Garden Inspector (Precis a. archesia)

Male Garden Inspector (Precis a. archesia)

We also enjoyed the sweaty walk to the top of the waterfall where a few Protea's were still in flower

Protea sp.

Along with this invasive Pompom weed


a male Southern Masked Weaver put in a brief appearance

Southern Masked Weaver (Ploceus velatus)

There were big numbers of Brown-veined White butterflies passing through on migration.

Brown-veined White (Belenois aurota)

Unfortunately, there was no sign of the iconic Eagles, so that will have to wait for another visit in April or May.


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